Friday, July 18, 2014



We spent a lot of early summer at the lake. My favorite new thing is hearing Mia yell " Ready!" as she skis. So fun. Must be like riding a bike, because the first time this year she popped right up. She is such a trooper and has many athletic skills. She ranks her favorite sports as follows 1. Snow-skiing 2. Volleyball 3. Water-skiing





Jilli likes to ride in the boat and watch. We give her until next year and then she is going in!


Thursday, July 17, 2014


Jilli turned 7 in May. Whew! That is 7 years of strong opinions, snuggles, and the best raspy voice.

Jilli is a Mommy's girl who is acting more and more like her dad daily. Which is a good thing, because I kind of like him. We get comments more and more that she looks like him. She knows what she wants and doesn't care if it is different than others.

Example: backpacks. Mia wants a new backpack, Jilli wants to use one that she used in kindergarten (that I used a seam ripper to take the "Mia" monogram off of, because Mia used it in kinder). She says she "likes it and a lunchbox straps on so she doesn't have to carry it. Why would I buy a new one? I don't care what everyone else has!" This has Brad written all over it. He is the.most.practical person I know and he doesn't need the newest car, name brand shoes, etc he is content. Also, he has been using the same backpack since I met him, which was a throw out from an old girlfriend because it has an ink stain. I should do a whole post on Brad's backpack.

Enough on backpacks. Jilli spied this bear at Target in April, maybe March. I said "No, we have too many stuffed animals." She then made me take her picture with it @ Target. When she put it back on the shelf she whispered (and I about died) "See you May 18th." Of course, come May 16th I was in Target scrolling through my phone pictures making sure I got the right bear. I asked her over and over, " What do you want for your birthday?" She responded "Mom, I told you, that bear!" Brad somehow named it Cinnamon, who was a constant companion on May 18th but not much anymore. (Moms know best!)

She loves to cook and bake.

Green is her favorite color.

She can read like nobody's business and loves to listen to chapter books on cd's at night. She knows random knowledge and asks deep questions. Her questions are sometimes thought provoking (regarding Creation) and sometimes I am not ready ( Are you Santa? How are babies made?)

Jilli is an introvert. She needs to be home and decompress. She is so sweet and opens up to a close circle of friends and family, but big groups stress her out. She isn't into team sports and when asked what she wants to do she " Just wants to stay home and play with Mia."

She barely eats and is very opinionated on meals. We struggle (STRUGGLE!!!!!) with this, as she then gets very cranky (understatement) when hungry. This is a work in progress.

She still adores frogs and was so tickled that I made this cupcake cake for her to take to school.

She self-taught herself to braid her hair. It is pretty cute.

Jilli is Jilli and I wouldn't trade her for the world! Love you, J!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Piano & Party

In late May we celebrated the girls' birthdays together. This was a little late, and the first time for a combination party. We held after their recital, which fit nicely together. We had a summer, beach theme which was really fun. Thank you, Pinterest!





Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a lovely Easter. The night before we were out late at a birthday party. On the way home Jilli announced "Guys, I just don't think I will make 8:00 church." Brad and I looked at each other and before we could respond she added "Actually, I don't think I can make 10:00 either." Really? After we exchanged shocked faces, Mia let her have it, and then I whispered to Brad "the queen reigns." This is referring to a sign in her room I clearly need to remove.

Come morning, we are at church 30 minutes early for what I thought was 10:00 mass, doing good!!! Then we noticed people leaving. Hmmm?? Turns out church was a new time and we were an hour early. First time in my life! Of all people I should have known, it was marked on a huge sign by the parking lot that I pass daily. Oops. We sat in the 2nd row for Easter mass and had a whole hour before mass to pray/look at everyone's Easter clothes/watch people scramble for seats. Fun times.

Afterwards we headed to Manhattan for Easter lunch. The girls love playing with their cousins.

After mass Brad mentioned that neutral shoes must be in style. He said he noticed us three wearing them, along with many other people. Evidence of previous statement, looked at everyone's Easter outfits.




The girls are growing so quickly and I try my best to cherish these days when they run for Easter eggs and let me dress them in matching bunny shirts.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Steamboat Arabia

Once for an education class at KU I had to go to a museum and write a lesson plan for that outing. I chose the Steamboat Arabia museum in downtown KC and went on a date there with Brad, ha. 13 years later we spent a Saturday morning there with our girls. I am kind of a museum nerd, I love history, not sure if my family does though. The tour guide asked those to raise their hands if anyone had been there before. Brad and I both sheepishly obeyed and then quickly regretted it as he called us out. We both gave lame answers and then kind of laughed at each other. It was a fun morning with the girls, great museum and story.


Jilli had Flat Jilli with us for a school project.

In the background you can see some of the goods that were recovered from the sunken steamboat.

Mia with a recovered cow skin.

Us by the snag that caused the boat to sink.

Flat Jilli. Sometimes real Jilli has wardrobe issues and refuses to wear jeans, or her size jeggings. At least she was comfy!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance


This year was a country chic theme and the girls enjoyed an evening of dinner and dancing (Mia). I had to work the dance this year, which proved to be too much for a little mommy's girl. Mia wanted to dance with dad, but Jilli wanted to hang with me as I served cookies. Brad, Mia, and I all told her "This is not the mom/Jilli dance!" It was my last year to work it, so I am sure she will enjoy Brad next year when I am out of sight. Mia danced the night away with Brad and her girlfriends! She looks forward to this night every year!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Double Team

We are just tickled to have two teams to cheer for in the Big Dance this year! We have family connections at Tulsa and KU and that left us layering our team gear today! KU has advanced and we are waiting on Tulsa to play!


A little nervous as we watched the Jayhawks, they cut it close today.

But, they pulled it off!